Hi there!

I am Cẩm, a back-end developer working in Gothenburg, Sweden. I take code writing and deleting as my lifetime profession, and am a former part-time dumplings maker at 162 Sủi Cảo.

I can speak four languages Vietnamese, English, Chinese, and Cantonese fluetly. In another word I am conversational to 3 billion people which is 40% of the world population. I am hoping Swedish to be my fifth one.

I love football and am a die-hard fan of Chelsea FC. Also I am kind of into music, mostly C-pop and Jay Chou is of course my favorite.

Right now I am working at Football Addicts, the home of the great football app Forza Football.

I have been a strong believer in open-source since the day I joined the community. I have been actively maintaining and contributing to open-source softwares such as Nabo and Worque.

I am also part of Ruby Vietnam committee. Our mission is to bring helps and inspirations to people who love programming and the language. Together we have successfully organized meet-ups and various community events.

Still feeling curious about me? Check out my Stackoverflow resume, my writings, or drop me an email at cam at hqc dot me.